Eczema Treatment

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Dermatologists can also help a patient in managing their eczema by looking after their skin as well as they can. Striving for naturally healthy skin can be difficult when faced with a condition such as eczema but many sufferers observe improvements when chemicals such as those found in most skin lotions, creams, soaps, and toners are assiduously avoided. In reducing the toxicity of products applied to the skin it may be possible to reduce the reliance many eczema sufferers have on medications to bring down inflammation. Good natural skin care can also relieve the symptoms should they arise.

Reducing Itchiness and Stopping Scratching

Reducing skin-scratching is extremely helpful in controlling eczema and some sufferers find that it helps to keep their fingernails short and even to wear thin cotton gloves at night to avoid scratching in their sleep. A cold compress can also help to relieve skin inflammation and the urge to itch and there are many natural remedies for itchy skin relief that can be added as a compress or used in the form of a lotion or cleanser.

Staying Hydrated to Keep Eczema at Bay

Keeping the skin hydrated is extremely important for eczema sufferers as this can help prevent the skin from cracking and feeling even itchier. A humidifier in the home may help although the atmosphere should not be damp as this may encourage the growth of moulds which can themselves at as allergens for eczema sufferers. Moisturising two or three times each day is advised for many patients although the lotions used should be natural skin lotions which are alcohol-free, paraben-free, unfragranced and with no added colours or dyes.

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