Baby Eczema and Contact Eczema

Baby eczema can be exacerbated by skin allergens including numerous household chemicals. Contact eczema, or dermatitis, may result from exposure to chemicals in laundry detergents, washing up liquid, shampoos, soaps, and fabric softeners, as well as baby bubble baths. Atopic eczema can flare up following exposure to such harsh chemicals and both contact eczema and baby eczema may occur together. Identifying the eczema allergen can help to avoid flare-ups in the future but may be difficult due to the vast number of different products we, and our babies, are exposed to on a daily basis.

Contact dermatitis in children may also occur as a result of an allergy to specific metals, synthetic chemicals, or natural substances. Some cases of contact dermatitis arise due to a reaction to nickel in jewellery and the itchiness (pruritis) may spread to areas of the skin away from the actual site of contact, making it difficult to tell where the contact eczema begins and the baby eczema ends.

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